• Cuddles

    Don’t underestimate the power of a bit of extra TLC. Cuddles will help settle and comfort your baby when they are having a hard time with teething. Like any pain or discomfort we need that reassurance from our loved ones.

      • Teething Rings & Toys

    Teething babies will chew and gum almost anything! The slight pressure on their gums will provide some relief and can help their little teeth to cut through. For added relief you could chill (not freeze) their favourite teething toys. There are fantastic toys available. See our products section for more information.

      •  Gum Rubbing

    Rubbing your baby’s gums with your clean finger can provide soothing relief and help ease some of your baby’s teething pain. If you are using teething gels this is the perfect time to apply them as well.

      •  Chewing

    Age appropriate babies can benefit from chewing foods, you may wish to try rusks, A peeled raw carrot (from the fridge) , or a slightly frozen cucumber sticks or bananas may help. Don’t choose foods which are too hard as these may bruise your little teethers gums. Make sure your baby has constant supervision. Younger babies you can use a mesh baby feeder, stocked here at my teething baby.

      •  Cold Foods/Compresses

    If your baby is onto solids try feeding with some chilled foods like yogurts, apple puree or an other baby foods as the cold helps to numb the pain. Avoid totally frozen foods and ice cubes as these may damage their gums or even drop your baby’s temperature. Your baby may also benefit from chewing on a cold compress like a chilled wet chewy cloth.

      •  Cool Drinks

    Like cold foods a chilled drink can offer the baby temporary relief from the pain. Try chilled boiled water or using breast milk/formula that has been chilled in the fridge. *With Cold Foods and Drink avoid anything with added sugar as we don’t want your baby to develop a sweet tooth, leading to cavities in their new teeth. Just replace your baby’s regular feeds with Cold Foods/Drinks as if your baby has dropped their night time/afternoon feeds etc you may not want to be adding these ones back in.


      •  Teething Gels

    Using a clean finger, gel is massaged into the gums and provide quick and targeted relief. There are a number to choose from. Look for colour and sugar free! Read the instructions and if you have any questions consult your pharmacist.

      •  Teething Powders

    Teething Powders are generally more natural alternatives to relieve teething pain. Most parents apply the powders directly to the gums with their fingers and they tend to calm and soothe the baby. My teething baby highly recommend natural teething powders.

      •  Soothing Sore Skin

    Dribbling caused by teething can cause your baby’s skin to become chapped and sore forming a dibble rash.. Keep your baby’s skin as dry as possible (use a my teething baby dribble bib). They keep the rash as dry as possible but if creams are needed please see your local pharmacist for advice. my teething baby’s secret trick …nappy rash cream.

      •  Baby Medicines

    Your pharmacy has many Analgesics formulated for children. These can by used to treat both the pain and fever associated with teething. Get advice from you pharmacist about these and see your doctor if your baby’s temperature persists. There are stronger pain reliefs that can only be bought over the pharmacy counter. A Drs advice would be best before approaching these.